Applicable to  

Interim Standard or Requirement


All Licensees


All Permit-Holders

Compliance with Advertising Guidelines

Except for public service advertising, no one may advertise or promote liquor or the availability of liquor unless the advertising is conducted in accordance with the guidelines related to advertising issued by the Registrar, as they are amended from time to time. These guidelines are appended to these Interim Standards as Appendix 2.


Liquor Sales Licence


By the Glass Endorsement to a Brewery Licence


By the Glass Endorsement to a Distillery Licence


By the Glass Endorsement to a Winery Licence

Use of Premises Name in Film or Television

When a licensed premises is used as a setting for a film or television production, the Licensee may show the name of the licensed premises if the depiction of the premises complies with the Licensee’s obligations.


Caterer’s Endorsement to a Liquor Sales Licence


Caterer’s Endorsement to a Brewery Licence


Caterer’s Endorsement to a Distillery Licence


Caterer’s Endorsement to a Winery Licence

No Promotion of Catered Events

The Licensee shall not:

  1. promote an event at which the Licensee is offering liquor for sale in accordance with the endorsement; or
  2. invite persons to attend such an event.

Licence to Operate a Ferment on Premises Facility

No Advertisement of Sale at Ferment on Premises

The Licensee shall ensure that no patron advertises, on the licensed premises, beer or wine for sale or exchange.

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