All alcohol-related transactions with the AGCO can now be completed online through the iAGCO web-based portal.

The services being offered online will also continue to be offered through the traditional, paper-based transactions for a transition period of approximately one year. At the end of the transition period, all transactions will be offered online only.  Below, you can find the paper-based forms. Please note that processing times may be longer if an application is submitted by paper.

Liquor Sales Licences - New Applications

Liquor Sales Licences - Renewals, Extensions and Transfers

Liquor Sales Licences - Modifications to Existing Licences

Liquor Sales Licences - Endorsements

Grocery Stores - Authorization

Wine Boutique Owner/Operator - Authorization

Manufacturer’s Licence

Manufacturers - “Tied House” and “By the Glass” Liquor Sales Licences

Brewers Retail Inc.

Manufacturers - Sales at Farmers’ Markets

Manufacturers - Retail Store Authorization

Manufacturer’s Representative’s Licence

Ferment on Premise - New Applications

Ferment on Premise - Renewals and Transfers

Liquor Delivery Service - New Applications

Liquor Delivery Service - Renewals, Transfers and Changes

Auction Authorization