An auction authorization allows alcohol to be auctioned at an event.

The only applicants eligible for an auction authorization are a charitable organization registered under the Income Tax Act (Canada), or an administrator, executor or law enforcement officer acting within the scope of their duties.

Alcohol being auctioned cannot be served or consumed on the premises where the event is held.

Homemade wine/beer and/or donated alcohol products from manufacturers or liquor sales licensees cannot be auctioned.

Auctions may be held at a liquor sales licensed establishment or Special Occasion Permit event.

A copy of the letter of authorization for auction must be available upon request by an AGCO Inspector or police officer.

AGCO services for Ontario’s Alcohol Auction Authorizations are now available online! For more information, please visit the iAGCO Information page.

All alcohol-related transactions with the AGCO can now be completed online through the iAGCO web-based portal.

The services being offered online will also continue to be offered through the traditional, paper-based transactions for a transition period of approximately one year. At the end of the transition period, all transactions will be offered online only. Please note that processing times may be longer if an application is submitted by paper.

The completed application form and fee must be received by the AGCO at least 30 days prior to the event date.  The application fee for an auction authorization is $75.  The application fee is non-refundable.