All locations are inspected by AGCO Compliance Officials for compliance with the LCA, LLA and their regulations. You must allow AGCO Compliance Officials unobstructed access to your business and you must facilitate their inspections. Infractions for which you may be sanctioned include:

  1. Selling or supplying alcohol outside of prescribed hours;
  2. Selling or supplying alcohol to individuals who are, or appear to be, under the age of 19; and
  3. Selling alcohol to anyone who is, or appears to be, intoxicated.

Committing any infractions of the LCA and/or LLA and their regulations may result in a warning, monetary penalty, suspension or revocation of your Authorization by the AGCO. In addition, local police may lay charges.


Infractions of the LCA and/or LLA and their respective regulations may result in a monetary penalty. If you are issued an Order of Monetary Penalty (OMP) by the Registrar, you will have 15 days to request an appeal before the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT).

If you choose not to request an appeal before LAT, you are required to pay the amount specified in the OMP.

If you choose to request an appeal before LAT, LAT will inform you of the appeal date and location. LAT may either uphold or set aside the monetary penalty (LAT cannot vary the amount of the penalty).

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