Mandatory Server Training

All managers, persons involved in the sale or service of liquor and security staff must complete a server training course approved by the AGCO. Successful completion of a server training course is required as of the first day of work for all employees subject to mandatory server training. Smart Serve Ontario has been approved by the AGCO Board to develop and provide the Smart Serve Training Program, and is currently the only approved server and sale training program in Ontario. This program is available on video or on the Smart Serve website

Staff should carry a copy of their certification card while they are working. AGCO Compliance Officials may ask for proof of a staff member’s certification at any time.

Developing House Policies

House policies create a framework in which staff can work and deal with problem situations if they occur and remind staff of the need to comply with the law and to maintain order. House policies help protect the Liquor Sales Licence holder and the business.

House policies may include:

  • Setting limits to the number of drinks you sell to an individual
  • Advising staff that infractions could result in the suspension of the premises’s Liquor Sales Licence
  • Advising staff that it is a breach of the Liquor Sales Licence to serve patrons to the point of intoxication – it is against the law
  • Monitoring the door so that intoxicated or unruly patrons don’t enter the premises
  • Posting signs informing people that it is a breach to allow intoxicated patrons entrance to the premises
  • Keeping a running count of the number of patrons in the premises
  • Stocking low alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic beer and cocktails to create a mocktail list
  • Maintaining an accurate incident log, entering all pertinent information at the time of any incident to keep all facts and information clear if you are ever questioned regarding the incident
  • Posting a list of emergency telephone numbers in a prominent place
  • Advising staff of the authority of the police and AGCO Inspectors, to allow them access at all times
  • Not permitting people under the legal drinking age on the premises after a particular time, such as 9 p.m..

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