Premises Type

The following are the applicable premise types to select, depending on the corresponding licence being applied for:

Tied House

  • Bar / Sports Bar
  • Restaurant*
  • Restaurant (Franchise)*
  • Restaurant / Bar*
  • Restaurant / Club*
  • Specialty Merchandise Store
  • Other

Mini Bar Licence

  • Hotel/Motel

Liquor Sales Licence

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Arcade-style Facility
  • Art Gallery
  • Athletic Club
  • Auditorium
  • Automotive / Marina
  • Banquet Hall
  • Bar / Sports Bar
  • Big Box Retail Store
  • Billiard / Pool Hall
  • Bingo Hall
  • Boat
  • Bookstore
  • Bowling Alley
  • Community Centre
  • Educational Facility- Over 19 years of age*
  • Educational Facility- Under 19 years of age*
  • Funeral Home
  • Gaming Facility*
  • General Store*
  • Golf Course
  • Grocery Store
  • Hair Salon / Barber Shop
  • Historical Site / Landmark
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Internet Café
  • Karaoke Bar / Restaurant
  • Laundromat
  • Live Theatre
  • Medical Facility
  • Military
  • Motion Picture Theatre
  • Museum
  • Night Club*
  • Place of Worship
  • Railway Car*
  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant (Franchise)*
  • Restaurant / Bar*
  • Restaurant / Club*
  • Retirement Residence
  • Social Club*
  • Spa
  • Specialty Food Store
  • Specialty Merchandise Store
  • Stadium*
  • Theatre*
  • Train*
  • Other

*see “Description of Selected Premises Types”


Education Facility - Over 19 Years of Age

A school or place of learning where the majority of students are over the age of 19, such as a university or college.

Education Facility - Under 19 Years of Age

A school or place of learning where the majority of students are under the age of 19, such as an elementary school or high school.

Gaming Facility

A place which is kept for the purpose of playing games of chance and which is named on the registration of the registered supplier of the gaming premises.

General Store

A store that sells a variety of merchandise, such as groceries and household supplies.

Night Club

A licensed premises where dance facilities are provided for patrons. Patron seating is limited and food service is generally an ancillary activity.

Railway Car

The stock of a Railway Company that is permanently affixed to the ground and is not used for the transport of passengers.


A premises where all the areas within the premises are given over to tables and chairs. The main focus is food service.

Restaurant (Franchise)

As Restaurant above, but operated under a franchise agreement.

Restaurant/Bar (Restobar)

A premises where the dining area is completely separate from the bar. The dining room is primarily family focused and is the main eating area, while the bar is more suitable for an adult clientele.

Restaurant/Club (Restoclub/lounge)

A restaurant that may also operate as a nightclub after certain hours (see Nightclub above). Sometimes called a Lounge.

Social Club

These premises are primarily member only clubs such as service clubs, golf clubs and cultural clubs.


A premises whose seating is in fixed tiers and in which live sporting and entertainment events take place before an audience.


A place to which the public is invited that is used primarily for the viewing of live productions of the performing arts.


The rolling stock of a Railway Company used for the transport of passengers but does not include rolling stock used as a street car, a subway or a similar transit vehicle.

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