In the event of the death of a licensee, in order to ensure the continuation of the business, the Registrar will require:

  • a copy of the death certificate
  • a copy of the will (if there is one) with an affidavit from the executor indicating that the person is the executor and whose appointment as executor was never revoked
  • a Certificate of Appointment (if there is no will) with an affidavit from the spouse/child(ren) (whoever is entitled by law to the proceeds of the estate) that he/she is the spouse/child(ren) of the deceased who died on the stated date and the deceased died without a will
  • personal disclosure information for the executor or administrator of the licensee’s estate.

This step allows the executor or administrator to continue to operate the business while the will is in probate. The Registrar must be informed within 15 days of the will being probated. A transfer to a different person application must then be submitted by the beneficiary.

It will take several weeks for your application to be processed.

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