Once an order has been placed, a licensee may purchase or obtain the requested liquor at any retail store under the LLCA. This includes the LCBO, The Beer Store and any manufacturer’s on-site or off-site retail store (such as a retail wine store), or a licensed grocery store on behalf of a customer or the holder of an auction permit.

Licensees cannot purchase beer, wine and/or cider from any authorized grocery stores in which they hold an interest

Liquor with food orders can also be purchased or obtained from eligible liquor licensed establishments. Where acting on behalf of a liquor licensed establishment or by the glass endorsement, the Liquor Delivery Service must do so under an arrangement with the establishment for that purpose.

A licensee can deliver on behalf of an eligible liquor licensed establishment or on behalf of certain retail stores. Customers can order directly from an eligible liquor licensed establishment or retail store who then engages the Liquor Delivery Service to complete delivery.

Liquor must only be delivered to a residence or private place. The licensee must ensure that drinks are not tampered with or opened.

All individuals purchasing or delivering liquor must be at least 18 years of age and carry a copy of the Liquor Delivery Service licence. Licensees (and any employees and contractors) must understand the obligations under the LLCA, its regulations and standards or requirements established by the Registrar.

Licensees cannot purchase beer, wine or cider from any licensed grocery stores in which they hold an interest.

Record Keeping

All orders for liquor placed with a Liquor Delivery Service, whether for delivery from a liquor sales licensee or retail store, must include the following information, along with the licensee’s name and address:

  • The name and address of the customer;
  • The date on which the liquor is purchased, and the date on which it is to be delivered;
  • The kinds and quantities of liquor to be delivered; and,
  • The address where the liquor is to be delivered.

The licensee must keep the above noted records for each order for one year from the date of delivery. 

In addition, for deliveries by a liquor delivery licensee from a retail store, the licensee must also keep, for one year, a copy of every order given to the licensee by the retail store.

Delivery Hours

The permissible hours for the delivery of liquor by a Liquor Delivery Service are 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. for liquor purchased or obtained from eligible liquor licensed establishments, by the glass endorsements, retail stores and auction permit holders. 

Storage of Liquor

Liquor Delivery Service licensees are allowed to store liquor that has been ordered by a customer.

Liquor must be stored securely before delivery and accessible only to the licensees (including employees and contractors). Storage is not be permissible in a dwelling and the licensee must ensure that the liquor is not opened or tampered with.

Liquor that cannot be delivered must be returned to the store or licensed liquor establishment from which it was purchased or obtained for a refund.

Social Responsibility Requirements

A Liquor Delivery Service cannot deliver liquor to, or allow a delivery to be accepted by, anyone under 19 years of age.

If it is suspected that a person is underage, the licensee must check the suspected minor’s identification. Identification must reasonably appear to have been issued by a government and include the person’s photograph and date of birth.

Licensees also must make sure that they do not supply or deliver liquor to anyone who is or appears to be intoxicated.

Agreements with Manufacturers

Licensees may enter into non-exclusive agreements with liquor manufacturers with on-site retail stores or winery off-site retail stores and The Beer Store to facilitate or promote the delivery of liquor. Where a Liquor Delivery Service chooses to enter into such agreements, the agreement cannot restrict a Liquor Delivery Service or manufacturer from entering into further agreements with other manufacturers.

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