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Obtaining Liquor

The permit holder is responsible for obtaining liquor in accordance with the Liquor Licence and Control Act and its regulations.

Permit holders are responsible for making bidders aware that liquor available for purchase through auction, may not have been tested by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), in accordance with the standards and requirements established by the Registrar.

Donated Liquor

Manufacturers and liquor sales licensees may not donate liquor to be auctioned. However, if the auction event is held in conjunction with a charity event, donated liquor from a manufacturer may be auctioned for sale only. Please see the Special Occasion Permit Guide for more information on charity events.

Homemade Wine and Beer

Homemade wine and/or beer cannot be sold through auction.

Storage of Liquor

If a multiple day Auction SOP is issued, the permit holder may store liquor in accordance with the standards and requirements established by the Registrar.

Removal and Delivery of Liquor

The successful bidder for liquor at an auction may remove the purchased liquor from the permitted premises when they leave.

Liquor sold through an auction may be delivered by the permit holder, by an employee of the permit holder, a carrier or a holder of an AGCO licence to deliver liquor. The liquor must be in a sealed, unopened container.

Liquor can be delivered by the holder or an employee of the holder to a residence or private place. The permit holder must ensure that it is delivered to a person who is at least 19 years of age located at the address provided by the person who purchased the liquor and does not appear to be intoxicated. The liquor can be delivered only between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. on any day.

Liquor delivered by a carrier must be delivered on the same day that it is received from the permit holder, or on the first regular delivery day that follows. If the carrier is unable to deliver the liquor within three days following its initial attempt, the liquor must be returned to the permit holder. The carrier cannot store liquor except to temporarily keep liquor at its premises until the liquor is delivered or returned to the permit holder.

Please see the standards and requirements established by the Registrar for more information about record keeping requirements for the delivery of liquor from an auction.

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