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If there is a change to the permit area(s) or the tailgate event after the permit is issued, including any of the following, the permit holder must submit a change request:

  • if there has been a change in the event date, hours and/or location.

  • if liquor will be served, sold or consumed in tents, marquees, pavilions or tiered seating.

  • if there has been a change to whether the permit holder will charge for liquor directly, through the sale of liquor or drink tickets at the event (e.g. cash bar, sale of drink tickets), or indirectly through an admission charge that covers liquor (e.g. drink tickets included with admission) or the collection of money for liquor before the event.

  • if the sporting event for which the Tailgate Event Permit has been issued is cancelled.

In some cases, a new permit may be required. If the permit holder does not notify the AGCO by submitting such a request, administrative action may be taken against the permit holder including, but not limited to, the immediate revocation of the Tailgate Event Permit. Application fees are non-refundable.

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