1. The Canada Post database does not accurately reflect my rural address. Is it possible to enter an address that is not recognized by the Canada Post database?

    It is possible to enter an address that the validation service does not recognize – the service will suggest a correction, if you do not feel it is accurate, you can opt to ignore the correction:

  2. Can we set up an account to have more than one iAGCO user? We have more than one individual that makes applications.

    You can have more than one user connected to each account if multiple users from your organization set up individual iAGCO accounts, and ensure each member enters in the organization’s access code provided by the AGCO. This will link your organization’s licensee information to each members’ account.

    Alternatively, you may choose to set up a general account for your organization which multiple employees can access (assuming you share the login information). This general account approach allows organizations to set up mailing lists (such as licencing@ mycorp.com), with multiple users from within their organization as recipients to that general email account, which in turn, allows multiple users to receive emails sent by iAGCO. 

  3. How do I change my method of contact to email?

    1. Please click on the ‘request a change’ button on the iAGCO home page.
    2. Of the licenses listed, select your ‘manufacturer’s licence’
    3. The type of change to select is ‘other’
    4. In the text box, type in what the changes (e.g. my preferred method of contact is email, my email address is _________________)
    5. Then submit
  4. Where can I find the application guides?

    On the AGCO website, in the Manufacturer’s Licence portal, the guides can be accessed directly through the following links:

  5. I cannot find my access code. Is it really necessary for me to call the AGCO to retrieve the code?

    Yes – this code ensures your online iAGCO account is linked to your licensee information. You will not be able to make changes to previous licenses if the account has not been linked.

  6. Can I still come into the office and pay by cheque?

    No – all payments must be made electronically and at the time of your licence submission otherwise the submission will not be processed. The online payment process allows you to submit your application or renewal from the comfort of your home at any time.

  7. Where can I find iAGCO?

    The iAGCO portal can be accessed by clicking the red “iAGCO Online Services” button that appears at the top of every page on our website (to the left of the search bar).  It can also be accessed by typing the URL (www.agco.ca/iAGCO) directly into your web browser.

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