An AGCO Inspector or a police officer can inspect for compliance with the LLA and its Regulations. An AGCO Inspector or police officer has the authority to do the following:

  • Enter and inspect your premises
  • Ask to see your Liquor Sales Licence and require that it be displayed in a conspicuous place
  • Ask to see records of liquor purchases and sales for the past 12 months including cash register tapes and purchase invoices (if the records are on the premises, you must produce them; if the records are not on the premises, you need to provide information regarding where they are located, and produce them within a reasonable time frame)
  • Remove documents and liquor for examination
  • Ask about negotiations, loans, and transactions of a Liquor Sales Licence holder and inquire about how assets are owned or held
  • Bring forward information to the Registrar to consider for compliance action including risk- based licensing, monetary penalties, suspension or revocation
  • Lay charges in provincial court up to two years after a visit or an inspection of the premises.

The AGCO inspector or police officer will provide a receipt for any documents or liquor removed from the premises.

As a licence holder and/or manager you must:

  • Allow access to police officers or AGCO Inspectors acting in the course of their duties during or after hours of operation
  • Ensure police officers or AGCO Inspectors acting in the course of their duties are given unobstructed access to the premises including adjacent areas
  • Ensure that the premises are vacated when police officers, acting in the course of their duties, have ordered you to do so.

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