An Authorization to Sell Eligible Wine at a Farmers’ Market allows eligible licensed wine manufacturers to sell their VQA wine, fruit wine, honey wine or maple wine as defined in Regulation 720 made under the Liquor Licence Act (eligible wine) at an occasional extension of their on-site winery retail store within a farmers’ market.

Wineries that wish to participate in the program must:

  • have a valid AGCO Manufacturer’s licence;operate an authorized on-site winery retail store; and produce one of the following types of eligible wine:
    • VQA wine” has the same meaning as “Vintners Quality Alliance wine” (VQA wine) in section 2 of the Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999.
    • “Fruit wine” means Ontario wine that,
      1. is produced from fruit grown in Ontario, other than grapes, and;
      2. is not produced using any combination of the concentrated juice of apples grown outside of Ontario
    • “Honey wine” means a wine described in clause (b) of the definition of “Ontario wine” in subsection 1(1) of the Liquor Licence Act (LLA).
    • “Maple wine” means Ontario wine that is produced by the alcoholic fermentation of Ontario maple syrup or another Ontario maple product.

Occasional extensions are only permitted to operate within farmers’ markets as defined in Regulation 720:

“A central location at which a group of persons who operate stalls or other food premises meet to sell or offer for sale to consumers products that include, without being restricted to, farm products, baked goods and preserved foods, and at which a substantial number of the persons operating the stalls or other food premises are producers of farm products who are primarily selling or offering for sale their own products.”

Note that the regulation does not authorize the establishment or operation of farmers’ markets at which all or a substantial number of the products sold or offered for sale are one or more of fruit wines, honey wines, maple wines or VQA wines.

For details about the program, including eligibility criteria, compliance requirements and Frequently Asked Questions, see:

Location of Farmers’ Markets

List of Farmers’ Markets with VQA Wine, Fruit Wine, Honey Wine and/or Maple Wine (PDF)

(Also available as a .csv file under an Open Government Licence.)


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