Changes to Existing Licensed Areas

An application is required for the following types of changes:

  1. Increasing capacity of an existing area.
  2. Adding a new licensed area (Indoor or Outdoor).
  3. Changing the boundaries from the original layout of an existing licensed area, that may or may not increase the capacity.
  4. Adding walls that separate current licensed areas.
  5. Converting an outdoor area to an indoor area and vice versa.


An application is not required for the following types of changes:

  1. Changes to decor.
  2. Installing or relocating doors.
  3. Installing windows.

You may not sell or serve alcohol in the additional areas unless your licence is amended to include the proposed changes.

Note: If you wish to remove a licensed area(s) from the licence you must inform the AGCO within thirty (30) days of the change. You must clearly describe the areas that you wish to remove.

Required Information

As with a Liquor Sales Licence application, you will be required to provide:

Note: If you are applying for an outdoor area (patio), the approval letters submitted from your local fire department and health department must specify that an outdoor area was inspected.

Public Notice

The AGCO will determine, based on the Liquor Licence Act, whether changes to existing licensed areas or additions that are not currently licensed require public notice. The AGCO will inform you whether your application requires public notice.

Public notice of a Liquor Sales Licence has two parts:

  1. A placard (poster) will be provided to you. The placard must be posted for the number of days specified at the premises in a location where members of the public can easily read it from the outside of the premises. The placard will specify whether the application is for indoor and/or outdoor licensed areas.
  2. A notice of application will also be posted on the iAGCO portal.

If you are not sure whether your application requires public notice, please contact AGCO Customer Service at 416-326-8700 or 1-800-522-2876.

Tiered Seating

Permanently licensed tiered seating for sale, service and consumption of liquor

If you would like to have a permanently licensed tiered seating area in your premises, where the tiered seating is either fixed (e.g. attached) or temporary (e.g. bleachers that are moveable/expandable), you will need to apply to have the tiered seating area permanently licensed.

Notification requirement

Unless there is a specific condition, you will not be required to notify the AGCO when using your tiered seating once the area has been licensed.

Occasional use of tiered seating for sale, service and consumption or liquor

If you would like to occasionally use tiered seating (either fixed or temporary) for an event you need to apply for Temporary Tiered Seating Approval.

Notification requirement

The Temporary Tiered Seating Notification must be received by the AGCO at least thirty (30) days prior to all events.

Sale, service and consumption of liquor in tiered seating away from your premises

If you would like to cater an event in a licensed or unlicensed premises that has tiered seating you have to apply for a Caterer’s Endorsement and a Temporary Tiered Seating Approval.

Note: Even if the premises where the event is being held has permanently licensed tiered seating or a Temporary Tiered Seating Approval, the licensee conducting the catering must have a Temporary Tiered Seating Approval on his/her licence.

You will be required to submit a Catering Notification at least thirty (30) days prior to all events every time you use your Caterer’s Endorsement.

Changes to the Premises Name

Licensees may only operate under the name that appears on their Liquor Sales Licence.

The AGCO must be notified if there is a legal name change to an Individual, Entity, or Business/Operating Name. The AGCO must be notified if there is a legal name change to an Individual, Entity, or Business/Operating Name via the iAGCO portal.

If the licensee is a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, its business trade (operating) name may have to be registered under the Business Names Act. Also note that corporations must file updated information with respect to officers and directors of a corporation with the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch on a regular basis.

For information and forms, please see the Central Forms Repository. Forms must be forwarded to the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch for processing.

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