This toolkit is a learning and teaching aid for all liquor sales licensees and staff. All licensed premises should familiarize themselves with the following information:

You and the Liquor Laws: A guide for Liquor Sales Licensed Premises

Mandatory Signage Requirement “Sandy’s Law”

COVID-19 Proof of vaccination posters (Ministry of Health)

Tip Sheets:

Bring Your Own Wine Endorsement

Checking ID

House Policies

Illegal Liquor

Keep the AGCO Informed

Liability: There’s more to lose than your licence

Liquor Sales Licence Endorsements

Recognizing Intoxication

Just saying “no” to drugs is not enough

Server-Initiated Automated Alcohol Dispensing Systems

Take Home the Rest

Taking “Reasonable Measures” Outside Your Establishment

For a complete list of available tip sheets, see the Tip Sheets page.

“Licensed to Sell and Serve Alcohol” Window Decal:

The AGCO has a full colour decal that can help you communicate to the public that your establishment is “Licensed to Sell and Serve Alcohol”. 

Licensed establishments can obtain a digital copy of a window decal by contacting the AGCO’s Customer Service department at or by calling 416.326.8700 or toll free in Ontario at 1 800.522.2876

Posting the decal is voluntary and is not indicative of the current status of an establishment’s liquor licence.


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