Private Events

Private Event Special Occasion Permits (SOPs) are for occasional and special events where only family, friends and people known to the hosts or permit holders are invited to attend, such as a birthday party or a wedding. 

Private Events cannot be advertised or made open to the public. Information about the event may be shared with invited guests and members only.

Private Event SOPs cannot be used to facilitate the operation of an ongoing business. You cannot run the event with the intention of making a profit.

Classes of SOPs

There are two classes of SOPs available:

  • Sale: A Sale SOP is issued when money is collected for the sale of alcohol either directly or indirectly. This could be through, for example, an admission charge to the event, when tickets for alcohol are sold to people attending the event, or when there is any pre-collection of money for the alcohol. The application fee for a Sale Permit is $150.00 per each day of the event.
  • No Sale: A No Sale SOP is issued when alcohol is served without charge or when there is no money collected for alcohol – either directly or indirectly – from guests. The application fee for a No Sale Permit is $50.00 per day.

Private Places

If you are holding a function in a “private place”, with invited guests only and with no sale of alcohol, a Private Event SOP is not required.

A “private place” is defined as an indoor place to which the public is not ordinarily invited or permitted and is not available for rent to the public for occasional use.  A company´s private boardroom is an example of a private place.

However, if alcohol is being sold in a private place, a SOP is always required unless the event is already being held under the authority of a Catering Endorsement.

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