Public Events

Public Events may be held for events of significance and/or to raise funds for charitable purposes and objects that benefit the public-at-large (i.e. advancement of education, religion, relief of poverty, charitable purposes benefiting the community).

Public Event permits can be issued:

  • To registered charities
  • To non-profit organizations whose object is to promote charitable, educational, religious or community objects, or
  • For events of municipal, provincial, national or international significance.

An event of municipal significance requires a designation by the municipality in which the event will take place.  Applications must be accompanied by either a municipal resolution or a letter from a delegated municipal official designating the event as municipally significant.

  • In order to be recognized as an event of provincial, national or international significance, it must be designated as such by the AGCO.
  • Public events may be advertised to the public.
  • Alcohol may be sold at a profit (to allow for fundraising).

Classes of SOPs

There are two classes of SOPs available:

  • Sale: A Sale SOP is issued when money is collected for the sale of alcohol either directly or indirectly. This could be through, for example, an admission charge to the event, when tickets for alcohol are sold to people attending the event, or when there is any pre-collection of money for the alcohol. The application fee for a Sale Permit is $150.00 for each day of the event.
  • No Sale: A No Sale SOP is issued when alcohol is served without charge or when there is no money collected for alcohol – either directly or indirectly – from guests.

The application fee for a No Sale Permit is $35.00 per day.