Liquor may be sold, served and consumed only in licensed areas of a premises. Liquor may also be offered along with food orders for takeout or delivery by eligible liquor licensed establishments.

Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW)

A licensee may apply for a BYOW endorsement that allows patrons to bring commercially- made wine into a premises for their own consumption. This applies only to wine, but not to spirits or beer. The bottle must be sealed when presented to an employee, and employees must open the wine and monitor service and consumption as they would if it had been purchased there.

Take Home the Rest (THTR)

THTR allows all licensed premises the option of allowing patrons to remove an unfinished bottle of wine. THTR only applies to commercially-made wine ordered from the premises or brought onto the premises under the BYOW program. The wine cork must be flush with the partially consumed bottle prior to it being removed from the premises. Customers are not allowed to remove unopened bottles of wine unless it was brought by the customer under the BYOW Endorsement.

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