Friday, June 25, 2021

With the cooperation of Woodbine, Fort Erie and Ajax racetracks, the AGCO and Official Veterinarians will be notified when horses are identified as in need of immediate care or have been transported by ambulance while training on association grounds.

Staff who are connected with these horses, such as exercise riders, veterinarians, grooms or assistant trainers, may be contacted for further information. These horses may be examined by the AGCO Commission or Official Veterinarians and may be placed onto the Commission Veterinarians List. 

In 2020, the AGCO Official Veterinarians developed a consensus for the monitoring of thin horses using the Henneke Scale (1-9). Horses that have a Body Condition Score of 3 or lower on the Henneke scale will not be permitted to race and will be scratched by the AGCO Official Veterinarian. For more information, download Equine Guelph’s  Characteristics of Individual Condition Scores-Henneke Scoring Chart.pdf

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