Friday, April 23, 2021

Independent Testing Labs (ITLs) can now start their application via the iAGCO online portal to be registered as a Gaming-Related Supplier. Upon registration, ITLs will be able to provide services in the emerging competitive internet gaming (igaming) market in Ontario. Starting this registration process now will allow ITLs to be ready to provide services to potential Operators and Suppliers who intend to enter the competitive igaming market.

Under Ontario’s new model for a competitive igaming market, ITLs that are registered with the AGCO will be utilized to test and certify, among other things, the games that will be available for Ontario players. All other types of igaming applications, including Operators and Suppliers who are not ITLs, will be available later this year. The AGCO will regularly provide information via its igaming portal on the latest developments in the rollout of the new igaming framework and engagement opportunities.

In preparation for opening a new competitive igaming market, the AGCO has created an updated set of draft Standards specifically for internet gaming. Please register for the AGCO’s engagement portal to provide feedback on the draft Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming. The AGCO is also carrying out further industry engagement on our proposed eligibility program early in May and will continue to refine our regulatory approach based on feedback.

The following will explain the role that ITLs will play in the competitive framework for igaming in Ontario, how to apply for registration as an ITL, and provide additional resources to help ITLs through the application process.

The role of ITLs in Ontario’s new competitive igaming model

To help ensure games meet the standards in place for Ontario players, they will be required to be tested and certified for compliance with the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming by an ITL that is registered with the AGCO before being launched in the market. This testing will include, among other things, confirmation that the games, remote gaming systems and random number generators meet the regulatory requirements for use in online gaming in Ontario.

How to register with the AGCO as an Independent Testing Lab

All gaming-related applications must be completed online through the iAGCO portal. The AGCO recognizes ITLs as Gaming-Related Suppliers. As such, when completing your application, ITLs are expected to choose the application type Gaming Related Supplier – Other. Please see the Supplier Application Guide for detailed information to assist you in applying for a gaming registration.

The AGCO invites ITLs to take this opportunity to apply for a registration. By applying to the AGCO now, ITLs will be able to begin preparations and once registered, ensure that they are ready to provide their services to Operators and Suppliers as part of Ontario’s new competitive igaming market.

Reviewing your responsibilities and application resources

It is important to review your legal responsibilities as a Registrant outlined in the Gaming Control Act, 1992 and its regulation. The Supplier Application Guide contains more information about Ontario’s gaming framework and becoming a Registered Gaming-Related Supplier. Please review these documents before submitting your application.

Please note that the AGCO is not involved in any commercial considerations between Gaming-Related Suppliers, Operators and ITLs. In other words, Gaming-Related Suppliers and Operators are fully responsible for making their own commercial arrangements with ITLs.

Please feel free to contact the AGCO with any questions you may have. You can access our live customer support from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST.

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