Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The AGCO continues to provide input opportunities to engage with industry stakeholders with an interest in internet gaming (igaming) in Ontario on key technical components of the igaming framework.

Today, the AGCO launched a new engagement opportunity on its engagement portal for stakeholders to provide feedback on the eligibility program for operators and suppliers to participate in Ontario’s igaming market.

This is part of the series of engagement opportunities that the AGCO is committed to undertaking with stakeholders in advance of the establishment of Ontario’s new framework for igaming. The first of this series took place last month and the AGCO successfully collected input from industry stakeholders on the draft Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming until April 30th.

This new engagement focuses on the proposed model for determining the eligibility of entities, individuals, and technology to participate in a competitive internet gaming market in Ontario.

To provide your input on the AGCO’s igaming eligibility program, please register for the AGCO’s igaming engagement portal. The deadline for submissions is June 14, 2021.

Feedback provided through these engagements will be used by the AGCO to inform the regulatory framework, and by the igaming subsidiary in its operations. The AGCO and iGaming subsidiary’s stakeholder engagement will appropriately manage potential real or perceived conflicts of interest.

For more information on these engagement opportunities, please register for the AGCO’s igaming engagement portal. This portal will be updated with more opportunities for input as details about Ontario’s expanded igaming market emerge.

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The AGCO has created a roadmap infographic to provide clarity to Ontarians and businesses on the province’s path to introducing a competitive igaming marketplace. Please note that the timeline of the key milestones identified on this roadmap is an estimate and subject to change.

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