Chapter 30: Starter

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30.01  The starter shall:

  1. Be appointed by the Association;
  2. Be subject to the supervision of the Judges;
  3. Be in the starting gate 15 minutes before the first race;
  4. Have control over the horses from the formation of the post parade until the field is released at the starting point; and
  5. Notify the Judges of all violations of the Rules, giving detailed information thereof.

30.02  The starter may situate the starting gate in accordance with the instructions of the Judges and fulfill the function of a patrol judge in accordance with Rule 33.01.

30.03  The starter shall advise the Judges of all horses ordered to be schooled behind the starting gate. The Judges shall place such horses on the Judges’ List and these horses shall not be permitted to be declared to race until removed from the list by the request of the starter.