Thoroughbred — Chapter 1: Preliminary

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2021-04-06  The following rules have been enacted and declared to be the official rules of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) and these rules shall apply to all Thoroughbred racetracks and participants under the Commission jurisdiction.  For the purposes of Quarter Horse racing the Rules of Thoroughbred Racing shall apply with the exception that they shall be superseded by the Quarter Horse appendage if a conflict arises.

1.01.2  Thoroughbred racing shall be conducted in accordance with the Rules, Registrar’s directives, conditions of licences granted by the Registrar, track rules approved by the Registrar, and any other applicable laws and regulations. In cases of conflict, the Rules of Thoroughbred Racing including the Quarter Horse appendage shall supersede the conditions of a horse race and the regulations of the Association.

1.01.3  All rulings of Racing Boards and Commissions will be honoured by the Commission as taking effect in Ontario, and all Associations and their officials and employees shall honour such rulings and rulings of other racing jurisdictions in Canada. Notwithstanding this rule, no person will be denied an appeal to the Horse Racing Appeal Panel (the HRAP) if the Rules allow for an appeal.

1.02.1  Newly adopted rules and all changes become effective on the date of publication.

1.02.2  Deleted.

1.02.3  Any ruling of the Registrar, the Stewards or other Racing Officials may be published as soon as the person or persons affected by such ruling have been notified either directly or by mail.

1.03  Every person required by the Commission to be licensed shall abide by the Rules and accept the decisions of the Stewards on all matters to which their authority extends, subject to the right of appeal to the HRAP if the Rules allow for an appeal.

1.04  Commission employees and all Racing Officials shall not use or consume prohibited drugs or alcoholic beverages while on duty.

1.05  Ignorance of the Rules will not be accepted as an excuse for their violation.

1.06  Directives of the Registrar shall have all the force and effect of the Rules. The Registrar adopts all Directives approved by the Ontario Racing Commission prior to April 1, 2016 with necessary modification.

1.07  All definitions in these rules shall apply as well to Registrar’s Directives.

1.08  When the final day for implementing any activity covered under the Rules falls on a Sunday, and when no racing is being conducted on that day, the activity may be carried out the following Monday. However, if a race to which such activity relates is scheduled for that Monday, the activity may be performed on the previous Saturday.

1.09  Only track rules and regulations certified as acceptable by the Registrar will be accepted as valid and be acted upon by Commission employees.