Thoroughbred — Chapter 20: Clerk of the Scales

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See also Chapter 8: Weights

20.01  The Clerk of the Scales or their assistant shall weigh all jockeys out and in.

20.02  The Clerk of the Scales shall promptly report to the Stewards any infraction of the Rules with respect to weight, weighing, or riding equipment.

20.03  The Clerk of the Scales shall record any over-weight or any change of jockey, weight, or racing colours, as compared with those stated on the official program and shall promptly inform the appropriate Racing Officials of all pertinent changes.

20.04  The Clerk of the Scales shall report to the racing secretary at the end of each racing day the weights carried by each horse in each race, together with the name of each horse’s jockey and the over-weight carried by any jockey. They shall also report the post time in each race and other information which may from time to time be required.

20.05  Jockeys are required to present themselves to be weighed out at the time fixed by the Clerk of the Scales.

20.06  The jockeys’ room custodian shall assist the Clerk of the Scales in the performance of his/her duties.