Thoroughbred — Chapter 31: Stable Names

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31.01  Stable names or changes of stable names shall be registered with the Commission.

31.02  A stable name shall not be used unless annually registered and remains in effect only during the year for which the fee is paid.

31.03  A stable name may be changed at any time by registering a new stable name.

31.04  No one shall register as his/her stable name one which has been already registered by any other person, or the real name of any other owner of race horses, nor one which is the real or assumed name of any prominent person not owning race horses.

31.05  Any person who has registered a stable name may, at any time, abandon it by giving notice to the Registrar, after which all entries which have been made in the stable name shall be altered to the real name of the owner.

31.06  A trainer, who is a licensed owner or part owner, may register a stable name as owner or part owner. (See also Rule 4.09.)

31.07  Upon request to the Registrar and/or the Racing Association, the real names of persons who race under stable names shall be disclosed and the Registrar shall cause a list of all stable names currently granted by the Registrar and the persons who race under such stable names to be kept up to date.

31.08  A person can have only one stable name at any time, and so long as he/she has a registered stable name he/she shall not race any horse except under that name, with the exception that an owner may race under their own name and be involved as a partner in one stable name.

31.09  If the horses of a Partnership are to be run in the name of a member of a Partnership, such name need not be registered as a stable name, but all horses of the Partnership must be run under either (a) in the names of all members of the Partnership, or (b) one name of a partner plus “and partner” or “and partners” as applicable.

31.10  A stable name shall be plainly distinguishable from that of another duly registered stable name.

31.11  A corporate name shall be considered as a stable name for the purposes of the Rules but the Registrar reserves the right to refuse any corporation the privilege of registering a stable name.

31.12  Deleted.