“Advertising” means any public notice, representation, or activity, including promotional and marketing activities, that is intended to attract attention to liquor, the brand name of liquor, the name of the premises where liquor is available or the opportunity to make liquor is available, the name under which the holder of the licence carries on business or that liquor may be delivered and “advertise” and “advertisement” have corresponding meanings.

“Public Service Advertising” means any advertising carrying a strong message against irresponsible use of liquor where the message does not contain any direct or indirect endorsement of a liquor, the brand name of a liquor, or of the consumption of liquor.

  1. For the purpose of these guidelines “advertising” refers to the act of making the company or service generally or publicly known. This will include categories previously known as public service advertising, corporate advertising, brand advertising, promotional activities, media buys, and general marketing practices.
  2. References to products, manufacturers, licensed establishments, services etc. in editorial material will not be viewed as advertising.

“Liquor” means beer, wine and/or spirits or any combination thereof.

“Registrar” means Registrar established under section 6 of the Alcohol, Cannabis and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act”.