Event Details

In addition to the obligation to manage and conduct a raffle lottery event, licensees must adhere to the following event details:

  • The prize structure must be as follows:
    • 20% of event ticket sales – awarded to the bearer of the winning ticket at each draw
    • 30% of event ticket sales – allocated to the progressive jackpot
    • 50% of event ticket sales – retained by licensee and from which all allowable expenses will be paid
  • Roll tickets or stub tickets may be used.
  • A standard deck of 52 playing cards (the 2 though to the Ace of diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades totaling 52 cards) are each placed in identical, opaque envelopes and sealed. Those sealed enve- lopes will be shuffled, randomly numbered from 1 to 52 and be on public display, in a secure fashion at each draw. As an alternative to using a deck of playing cards, the licensee may also use approved gaming supplies from a registered supplier.
  • It is not mandatory for the purchaser of the ticket selected at a draw to be in attendance. However:
    • If the licensee is using roll tickets, the licensee is required to include in the Rules of Play the amount of time within which the winner must claim the prize before another ticket is drawn.
    • If stub tickets are used, the licensee shall require purchasers to provide their name and contact information and to indicate in a desig- nated area on the stub, the envelope number selected by the purchaser in the event that his or her ticket is drawn. The licensee must also set out a procedure to be followed in the event that envelope number has already been chosen and is no longer available.
  • Once sales for a draw have closed, a ticket must be selected as the winning ticket for that draw. The number on the ticket will be announced at the draw and the prize shall be awarded accordingly.
  • The licensee must use a container that is large enough to hold all sold tickets or stubs.
  • All prizes must be paid by cheque in Canadian funds.
  • The Rules of Play must be posted at the location of the draw and be readily available to the public.
  • The Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline name and phone number (1-888-230-3505) must appear on the Rules of Play, in all print advertising and on all stub tickets.
  • Once the Ace of Spades card is selected, the event and licence are concluded. If the licensee wishes to conduct another Catch the Ace event, a new licence must be obtained.