Chapter 4: Bazaar Licence

4.1.0. Introduction

A bazaar is a sale of goods held to raise money for a charity. Municipalities may issue licences to allow eligible organizations to conduct and manage lottery events in conjunction with a bazaar, provided the lottery events are ancillary to the bazaar itself.


Three types of lottery events are permitted at bazaars:

  1. wheels of fortune
  2. bingo
  3. raffles and penny auction raffles.

Please refer to the Bazaar Licence Terms and Conditions for further information on the conduct of each type of event.

4.1.1(A) Wheels of fortune

Under a bazaar licence, the licensee may conduct a maximum of three wheels of fortune, with maximum bets of two (2) dollars.

For the purposes of a bazaar licence, a wheel of fortune is a game where players wager chips, tokens or cash on the spin of a wheel in order to win a prize. Players set their wagers, then the wheel is spun. The wheel must complete at least three (3) full revolutions and come to a complete stop before prizes may be awarded. The prizes are based on the amount wagered and the rules for winning on that particular wheel of fortune.

See also 6.1.1(B) Wheels of fortunein this manual and Section 3.5 of the Bazaar Licence Terms and Conditions for further information.

4.1.1 (B) Bingo

Under a bazaar licence, a licensee may conduct a bingo lottery with a maximum of $5,500 in prizes. The licensee may sell bingo cards for cash only. The bingo cards may be sold only on the day of the event.

The caller must announce the arrangement of winning numbers immediately before the game begins. All prizes must be awarded as outlined and approved on the licence application.

See also 9.2.1. General bingo licensing policies.

4.1.1 (C) Raffles and penny auction raffles


Under a bazaar licence, a licensee may conduct a raffle lottery with a maximum of $50,000 in prizes. The licensee must sell tickets by cash transactions only. The tickets must be consecutively numbered. All prizes must be awarded as outlined and approved on the licence application.

For raffles where tickets are sold at a single premise and tickets are drawn on the same day as they are sold, the licensee is exempt from general raffle policies requiring a licensee to print complete raffle information on the ticket and retain unsold tickets for one year.

Penny auction raffles

For a set price, participants purchase a certain number of tickets that are usually detachable from the stub portion (retained by the purchaser). Participants may enter as many tickets as they possess on any item (prize) they are interested in by depositing the tickets into a container assigned to that item (prize). The item (prize) is awarded to the person whose ticket is drawn, at random, from the container.

The raffle is limited to a maximum prize board of $50,000 and individuals must be present to win. A prize list is not required with the application.

See also 5.1.2. General raffle licensing policies.


The following policies apply to bazaar licences:

  1. A municipal council or the Registrar may issue a licence allowing an eligible organization to conduct and manage the following lottery events during a bazaar:
    1. a wheel of fortune event with no more than three (3) wheels, where individual bets do not exceed two (2) dollars;
    2. a raffle lottery not exceeding $50,000 in prizes; and
    3. a bingo lottery not exceeding $5,500 in prizes.
  2. Except as indicated in this chapter, the policies for licensing raffles as found in Chapter 5 and bingo events as found in Chapter 9 also apply to bazaar licences.
  3. Licensees may rent wheels of fortune for licensed bazaar events from unregistered suppliers.
  4. The licence fee for a bazaar licence cannot exceed $10 per wheel and three (3) per cent of the prizes offered for a raffle or bingo event.
  5. Licences must not be issued for events to be conducted on any conveyance that moves or is capable of moving, including boats, trains and airplanes.


Eligible organizations must submit applications for a bazaar licence to the municipality in which the bazaar is to be held. For events to be conducted and managed at bazaars in unorganized territories, on Crown lands or in some First Nation communities, organizations must submit their applications to the Registrar:

An application must include:

  1. a fully completed application on a form issued by the Registrar;
  2. the applicable licence fee;
  3. except for penny raffles, a complete list of the prizes to be awarded for each game;
  4. a detailed description of the manner in which the winner will be determined for each game; and
  5. any additional documentation required by the licensing authority (for example, a copy of the ticket or advertising material).

See 3.6.7. Financial guaranteesand 3.6.8. Letters of credit.