5.8.1. Provincial Licensing Policies

In addition to the general raffle lottery licensing policies set out in Section 5.1.1, the following policies apply to raffle licences issued by the Registrar:

  1. The applicant organization must notify the municipality in which the organization is based when obtaining a raffle licence issued by the Registrar.
  2. In the case of an incomplete application, the licensing official will notify the applicant of the deficiencies in the application and request all the required documents.
  3. If an applicant intends to award prizes of one million dollars or more, the application must also include:
  • a summary of the applicant’s experience in conducting and managing raffle lotteries.
  • a business plan
  • a budget
  • a ticket sales plan, including an explanation of how credit card and debit card sales as well as dishonoured cheques will be handled.
  1. If a licensee wishes to sell provincially licensed tickets from an established point of sale or door-to- door in more than one municipality, it must send a letter of notification and copies of the licence and the licence application to each municipality in which it proposes to sell tickets.