7.9.1. Retention And Destruction Of Break Open Tickets

Destruction of unsold, imprinted tickets ensures that gaming product is not re-introduced into the marketplace for illegal sale. The licensee must keep reconciled tickets for 90 calendar days after the interim or final report is filed with the licensing authority and then destroy them in the manner set out below.

Following the prescribed retention period, the following tickets must be destroyed:

  • All redeemed winning tickets with a value greater than $1.00;
  • All tickets remaining in the BOT container/dispenser at the conclusion of the licence period that have already been carried over from the previous licence period;
  • All tickets remaining in the BOT container/dispenser when the licensee has chosen to collapse a ticket type/style mid-licence or at the conclusion of the licence; and
  • Any unopened deals of tickets remaining at the end of the licence period.

The tickets must be destroyed in the following manner:

  • The licensee is required to arrange for the destruction of tickets.
  • Destruction is permitted by a shredding company, manufacturer or registered supplier.
  • The licensee is required to provide a signed declaration from a third party (for example, registered manufacturer or supplier) regarding the destruction of the tickets.


The Registrar retains the sole authority to approve all tickets, including their graphics, prizes, prize values, sponsorship and promotions. Only ticket types and styles approved by the Registrar may be sold in Ontario.

7.9.2 (A) Merchandise prizes

Licensees are permitted to award merchandise as prizes for BOT lotteries, in addition to existing prize options of cash or free tickets. The value of merchandise prizes for purposes of establishing the prize board and licence fees will be based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Licensees must be able to provide documentation indicating the MSRP of prizes at the time they were obtained for reporting purposes and upon request.

Merchandise prizes may be stored at a premise other than the retail location. Licensees are required to provide the winning ticket holder with a claim ticket to be exchanged for the actual prize which, in turn, must be awarded within one week of winning ticket redemption. Licensees must ensure that the winning ticket holder can pick up the prize at the retail location or should deliver the prize directly to the winning ticket holder within the one-week period. This will be communicated through a sign posted by the licensee at the point of sale stating these requirements.

7.9.2 (B) Cash prizes

In order to ensure retailers are not required to keep large sums of cash onsite to pay out top prizes, licensees, in consultation with their retailers, may designate an amount above which customers will receive a claim ticket for their prize. All cash prizes must be paid within 48 hours. Licensees are required to ensure that retailers post a sign notifying customers of this.


Licensees may permit external sponsors to place their branding on break open tickets sold by the licensee. The ticket must be prominently identified as a charity product. Any benefits realized by the manufacturer or the supplier are to be disclosed to the licensee. Sponsorship and branding must comply with the prescribed graphic approval requirements.

7.9.3 (A) Sponsored prizes

As part of the prescribed prize board, licensees may offer prizes provided by external sponsors.

Games may be developed whereby players submit the played ticket for a coupon to be redeemed for a free item, at which point no further purchase is required. The face value of the coupon is to be included as part of the prize board.

7.9.3 (B) Promotions

A licensee may elect to sell break open tickets that have promotions of additional value attached to them. The value of the promotions may or may not be included in the prescribed prize board. The ticket may be used or redeemed for a coupon in the following manner:

  • a coupon for free merchandise is to be included in the prize board; and
  • a coupon for discounting of merchandise requiring an additional purchase is not included in the prize board.