10.4.1. Roles And Responsibilities Of The Hall Charities Association Administrator

To assist in fulfilling its responsibilities, the HCA must retain the services of a Hall Charities Association Administrator (HCA Administrator) who is registered under the Gaming Control Act, 1992 and meets the applicable Standards for Suppliers of Goods and Services: Bingo.

The HCA Administrator’s responsibilities are set out in the Charitable Gaming Events Conducted and Managed in Pooling Bingo Halls Terms and Conditions. The HCA Administrator coordinates and administers the activities of the HCA including:

  1. Coordinating the submission of all authorization applications for the individual charities. (Charities are responsible for completing and signing their own individual authorization applications)
  2. Filing the authorization applications with the licensing authorities.
  3. Coordinating consistent preparation of charitable gaming event reports. Event reports must be completed by the individual charity following its event.
  4. Providing licensing authorities with an electronic report detailing the monthly gross wager and prizes paid for bingo (to calculate the percentage prize board), total revenues, administration costs and licence fees, and the disbursement of funds to the HCA member charities.
  5. Making monthly statements available to each member organization of the HCA upon request or as required.
  6. Administering one trust account for the marketing fund.
  7. Administering and maintaining one lottery account to track all revenue.
  8. Administering and maintaining one lottery trust account to deal with U.S. funds, if applicable.
  9. Scrutinizing reports and calculations of other revenues from the Operator and calculating Operator portion of the lottery proceeds.
  10. Processing payment of licence and authorization fees from the lottery trust account.
  11. Processing payment of HCA administration costs from the lottery trust account.
  12. Calculating and processing distribution of net proceeds to individual member charities.
  13. Assisting HCA in preparing recommended session schedule or dates and times for each member organization for approval by the municipal licensing authority.
  14. Reviewing Operator recommendations for game schedule including game mix and prizing to ensure compliance with the prize board requirements, recognizing the expertise of the Operator
  15. Complying with and ensuring compliance with all applicable Standards and Directives prescribed by the Registrar;
  16. Preparing financial and other reports requested by the licensing authority.

10.4.1 (A) HCA Administrator policies

  1. The HCA Administrator is an employee of the HCA and may be paid for his/her services from charity revenues as a reasonable and necessary administrative expense.
  2. An HCA Administrator may work at more than one bingo hall.
  3. An HCA Administrator must maintain an arm’s length relationship with the Operator of the bingo hall.

10.4.1 (B) Registration of HCA Administrator

The HCA Administrator must be registered as a Gaming-Related Supplier under the Gaming Control Act, 1992, must be able to fulfil all of the responsibilities set out in Section 10.4.1 (above).

10.4.1 (C) HCA Administrator: conflict of interest

An HCA Administrator must not act as a bona fide member in the conduct and management of charitable gaming events at the hall where he/she is the HCA Administrator; however, he/she may serve as a member-at-large of a member organization.

See also 3.5.3. General conflict of interest guidelines, and 9.2.2. Conflict of interest guidelinesfor further information.