10.5.1. Staffing Charitable Gaming Events

In addition to bona fide members, charitable gaming events must be staffed by runners who are provided by the bingo hall. Other responsibilities must be fulfilled by employees of the Operator of the bingo hall registered under the GCA to provide services such as calling the game or selling break open tickets (BOTs).

10.5.1 (A) Bona fide members

Bona fide members are needed to meet Criminal Code requirements for charities/licensees to conduct and manage a charitable gaming event. The role of bona fide members is a necessary part of conducting and managing lottery events in a pooling bingo hall.

A minimum of two¬†(2) bona fide members are required to conduct and manage each lottery event for which a licence has been issued.

The role of a bona fide member at a charitable gaming event is detailed in the Terms and Conditions for Charitable Gaming Events Conducted and Managed in Pooling Bingo Halls. The Operator of the bingo hall may provide advice to assist in business decisions.

10.5.1 (B) Runners

A runner is a person on the floor whose responsibilities include selling paper, identifying winners and paying out prizes. Runners do not require registration under the Gaming Control Act, 1992 unless their responsibilities include selling break open tickets on the hall floor.

Runners working on the floor of the bingo hall are required to be employees of the Operator of the bingo hall and as a result are paid for by the Operator.

Even though the Operator must provide the runners for charitable gaming events, bona fide members of charities are responsible for the distribution and reconciliation of all bingo paper, break open tickets, and raffles.

10.5.1 (C) Volunteer runners in a charity-run bingo hall

In a charity-run bingo hall where four or more lottery events are run within a seven-day period, reimbursement of volunteer runners is not permitted.

A charity-run bingo hall is responsible for ensuring it is meeting all applicable laws as an employer.

10.5.1 (D) Volunteers

Volunteers may be members of the licensees in the Hall Charities Association or family, friends or volunteers from other member organizations who receive no reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.

10.5.1 (E) Full-time employees of licensee

Full-time employees of the charitable organization may volunteer to assist at charitable gaming events, provided that their primary duty is not providing gaming services.