10.9.1. Bingo Shortages

At the conclusion of the bingo event if there are shortages as a result of errors made by runners on the gaming floor, the responsibility is assumed by the employer (Operator). Where the hall is owned and operated by the charity, shortages are made up based on who supplied the runners for the event. For example, if the event is staffed by volunteers of the licensee, the licensee would be responsible for covering the shortage.

Shortages incurred as a result of the Operator or its employees must be paid to the licensee conducting the charitable gaming event and be included as part of the net deposit for that event.

10.9.2. LOSSES

If the total of all three revenue streams—bingo revenues, other gaming win (for example, BOT sales) and other revenue (food and beverage sales)—results in a loss, the responsibility for the overall loss must be split between the hall and the members of the HCA. The members of the HCA are responsible for 45 per cent of the loss and the Operator of the bingo hall is responsible for 55 per cent.