• Cancelled Ticket: A Raffle Ticket whose sale was cancelled.
  • Charity: An organization that has met the eligibility criteria to hold a lottery licence under which it may conduct and manage a Raffle.
  • Backend System: A connected structure of computers, software and devices that is integral to the Charity’s conduct and management of Raffle Games that is not interacted with directly by players. It may include computer servers, software applications and database management systems.
  • Critical Game Data: Stored data that is considered vital to the integrity, security and accounting for the continued operation of Raffles. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Raffle sales (Ticket transactions including financial transactions data)
    2. Raffle Numbers including selected winner(s)
    3. Raffle Prizes
    4. POS/Ticket configurations
    5. Significant Events
    6. Critical Game Software state (e.g. to enable recovery from unexpected interruptions)
  • Critical Game Options: Options and configurations of software, which, if configured incorrectly, would result in integrity issues, violate the standards or policy and licensing rules. 
  • Critical Memory: Memory locations storing Critical Game Data.
  • Critical Software: Any ERS software that affects the integrity or outcome of the Raffle. This includes, but is not limited to, any software that is used to control Raffle functions, Raffle outcome, payout, security or accounting functions
  • Draw: A random selection of winning Raffle Number(s) (or winners) conducted at a predetermined and scheduled time by means of a Random Number Generator or physical randomizer.
  • Electronic Raffle System (ERSconsists of Backend System and POS as frontend; includes hardware, software and applications for the purpose of conducting Raffles that:
    1. Could influence the outcome of a Game held at a Gaming Site, or
    2. Is integral to the conduct, management or operation of a Game
  • Game means game of Chance or mixed Chance and skill (as defined in Criminal Code of Canada); a Raffle is one type of Game.
  • Gaming Site: A premises or an electronic channel maintained for the purpose of playing or operating a lottery the conduct, management or operation of lottery scheme (as defined in Gaming Control, Act 1992).
  • Online means using the internet to facilitate self-service Raffle sales.
  • Point of Sale (POSmeans hardware and/or software interface with Backend System that facilitates Raffle Ticket sales; RSU and Online portal are typically used as POS.
  • Prize: A payout associated with winning Raffle Number(s) ) and may consist of a monetary amount or merchandise.
  • Progressive Raffles or Progressive: A Type of Raffle that incorporates a feature that enables progress towards the accumulating Prize until a certain condition is met to trigger and award the accumulating Prize.
  • Raffle: A Game where Raffle Tickets are sold for a Chance to win a Prize at a Draw.
  • Raffle Number: Unique ERS-generated number assigned to Raffle Ticket for the purpose of participating in Raffle Draw.
  • Raffle Ticket or Ticket: A paper or electronic record of a sale which includes Raffle Numbers.
  • Raffle Sales Unit (RSU): Fixed base or mobile device, which communicates with the Backend System to facilitate the sale of Raffle Tickets.
  • Randomness or Chance: Observed unpredictability and absence of a pattern in a set of events that have definite probabilities of occurrence.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): Hardware and/or software used to generate numbers which exhibit Randomness.
  • Registrar: The Registrar established under the Alcohol, Cannabis and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996
  • Restricted Technical Procedure means a procedure, tool or other mechanism that requires special software, special access identifier, or other information or technology that is restricted to the ERS provider
  • Significant Events: Occurrences related to integrity, security and accounting, such as:
    1. Changes to Raffle features and Critical Game Options
    2. Regular operation: Ticket transactions, Voids and Cancellations
    3. Irregular conditions, e.g. errors in Ticket creation or security breach
    4. Software authentication failure
  • Supplier means Gaming Related Supplier as defined in Regulation 78/12.
  • Validation Number: A unique number which identifies a particular Raffle Ticket and is used to validate the winning Raffle Number.
  • Voided Ticket: A sold Raffle Ticket whose Raffle Numbers are removed from the pool of valid Raffle Numbers in the ERS.