(5) Prizes

5.1 The Licensee shall ensure that all Raffle outcomes are clearly explained and displayed to the players, during and after the event.

5.2 If the prize amount is estimated, the Licensee shall ensure that players are told that it is estimated. Except when technical difficulties prevent it from occurring. Estimated prizes must always be publicized through display or announcement.

5.3 For raffles with guaranteed prizes, the Licensee shall ensure that the value of the prize is disclosed.

5.4 Prizes awarded such as gift cards, must not be subject to service charges or maintenance fees that are deducted from the balance of the prize.

5.5 The Licensee shall ensure that the amount of the prize and winning number are publicized once sales are tabulated and the draw has occurred.

  1. For raffles where at least some tickets are sold in-person, wherever possible, the announcement of the prize and the winning number shall occur during the event at which raffle tickets were sold in-person.

5.6 When prizes have been seeded with donated cash or merchandise, the Licensee shall include the value of the seeded amount in the estimated prize displayed.

5.7 In the event of any error in displaying or announcing the winning number or prize amount, the Licensee shall ensure that the erroneous informa­tion is immediately removed from display and not reposted until cor­rected.

  1. Where sales take place in-person, if that event is still in progress, the Licensee shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure notification.
  2. The Licensee shall ensure that all other communications are corrected as applicable to ensure they are cur­rent and accurate.

5.8 Under a 50/50 electronic raffle, a licensee may include a reasonable number of fixed prize draw(s), e.g. early bird or consolation draw, pro­vided that:

  1. 50% of ticket sales must go to the winner of the main prize draw.
  2. Any fixed prizes are paid from the charity’s half of the tickets sales or from donations.
  3. Rules of play must be clear, so players understand how the draws will work.