Section 2: Mini Bar Licence

A Mini Bar Licence is a class of licence under the category of Licence to Operate a Liquor Consumption Premises. If liquor will only be sold/served from a mini bar in guest rooms, and not within other areas of your premises (e.g. pub, restaurant) then it is only necessary to apply for a Mini Bar Licence.

Access to the contents of the mini bar must be controlled by the licensee or be restricted by means of a locking device. Access to the contents of the mini bar must be restricted to those persons that are nineteen years of age or older.

Licensees shall retain records of the mini bar sales for one year.

All of the same “Required Documents” as for a Liquor Sales Licence Application (see Section 1: Liquor Sales Licences) must be submitted, however, the Floor Plan, Calculation of Capacity, Municipal Information Form and Agency Letters of Approval (“Compliance Letters”) are not required.

If a licensee has a Liquor Sales Licence for the premises and wants to sell/serve in guest rooms from a mini bar, a Mini Bar Endorsement is required in addition to the Liquor Sales Licence. To apply, please see below, Section 3: Liquor Sales Licence Endorsements “Mini Bar Endorsement”.