Delivery and Curbside Pick-up

Authorized cannabis retail stores are permitted to offer delivery and curbside pick-up services

Note: Cannabis retail stores are not permitted to operate entirely or predominantly as delivery businesses.

Requirements for Delivery 

  • Delivery can only be done by the Retail Store Authorization (RSA) holder or their employees. Third party delivery is not permitted.
  • Deliveries can only be made to a residence or private place in Ontario (for instance, a hotel room would be considered a private place).
  • Deliveries can only be made to a person who is at least 19 years old. If the person appears to be under 25 years of age, the authorization holder or employee completing the delivery must require the person to provide identification and must be satisfied that the person is at least 19 years old.
  • Delivery must be at the address specified in the order.
  • Records of deliveries must be maintained.
  • Delivery orders must be placed with a specific store location.
  • Delivery orders must originate and be fulfilled from that same store with products that are stored on-premises.
  • Cannabis cannot be removed from the store for delivery unless an order has been received.
  • If cannabis is removed from the store for delivery but the delivery is not completed, the cannabis must be returned to the same store from which the delivery originated on the same day, and it must remain there until the next day on which delivery is attempted.
  • Cannabis may only be delivered at a time when the physical cannabis retail store is open to the public.
  • If the store is in a premises whose owner or landlord requires it to be closed to the public during the permitted hours of operation, the store may still complete deliveries between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Examples of such a scenario include retail stores located within malls. However, a store cannot deliver if the landlord or owner requires it to be closed and is an interested person in the holder of the Retail Store Authorization (RSA).

Requirements for Curbside Pick-Up 

  • Curbside pick-up transactions can only be completed by a RSA holder or employee and must be completed in an area adjacent to the store that is captured by the store’s surveillance system.

Delivery Requirements to First Nations Communities

  • Delivery to First Nations communities is permitted unless the community has requested delivery be restricted.
  • First Nations band councils wishing to restrict delivery to their community can submit a band council resolution to the AGCO. The AGCO will notify all authorized retail stores when a band council resolution is received and the restriction would come into effect 30 days after such notice is provided, after which point any delivery to the First Nations community would not be permitted.

Requirements for Store Websites, Apps or other Similar Online Platforms

  • For websites, apps or other similar online platforms used for the purposes of the cannabis retail store, licensees must take reasonable measures to ensure that customers accessing them are at least 19 years of age.
  • Licensees must display the official Ontario cannabis retail seal and make available the applicable RSA information (the authorization number, the holder’s name, the store’s operating name and the store address) on websites, apps or other similar online platforms.