(August 2016)

As the AGCO moves forward with the Standards-Based Approach to gaming regulation, which better targets risks and focuses more on desired regulatory outcomes, approval letters for access to sensitive areas of gaming sites will no longer be necessary or be issued for sites operating under the Registrar’s Standards for Gaming (Standards). As is consistent with the StandardsBased Approach, this change gives operators more flexibility in how they choose to comply with the Standards moving forward.

The previous requirements as set out in the AGCO’s “Policy and procedure on access to sensitive areas of a casino or slot machine facility – June 1, 2012” will no longer be in effect for sites once they begin operating under Standards. For these sites, the access requirements are set out in the Standards, and specifically Standard 5.2, which requires that only authorized individuals shall be permitted access to sensitive areas. Operators will be responsible for setting the specific control activities to meet the outcome of this standard. As part of these control activities, the Operator may choose to consider the existing AGCO approval letter and/or other factors as inputs into their decision to grant such authorization. However, post-transition, AGCO approval letters alone would not be sufficient to evidence authorization of an individual to access sensitive areas.

Suppliers should contact the gaming site directly to obtain information about the timing of the transition to Standards and on the access requirements and processes that each gaming site may have in place to control access to sensitive areas.

Please note that at this time Great Blue Heron Charity Casino is not impacted by the transition to Standards and will continue to require AGCO approval for sensitive area access.

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