January 29, 2018: The AGCO  notes that the two barns in “The Meadows”  stable area remain under quarantine as a safety precaution after a case of Equine Herpes Virus-1 (EHV-1) was diagnosed.

Due to the report of this confirmed case, AGCO Senior Manager of Veterinary Services Dr. Adam Chambers advises that Ontario horsepeople need to be vigilant to prevent infectious disease. The racing industry is very mobile and participants need to use caution and take appropriate biosecurity measures, such as not sharing equipment between horses and being alert for signs of neurological symptoms and fevers. Monitoring rectal temperatures twice daily is recommended. If suspicions arise, they should immediately call their veterinarian.

The AGCO continues to monitor the situation.

For more information – or to speak with Dr. Chesterfield, Dr. Duncan or Dr. Chambers - please call: 1-855-261-6821

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