January 29, 2018 - The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is pleased to announce the successful launch of the second phase of its online service delivery channel.

Alcohol-Related Transactions

As of January 29, 2018, all alcohol-related transactions with the AGCO can now be completed online through the iAGCO web-based portal. This includes applications, renewals and all other related transactions for:

  • Liquor sales licensees;
  • Liquor manufacturers;
  • Manufacturer representatives;
  • Grocery store authorization holders;
  • Auction authorization holders;
  • Liquor delivery services; and
  • Ferment on premise facility locations.

The services being offered online will also continue to be offered through the traditional, paper-based transactions for a transition period of approximately one year. At the end of the transition period, all transactions will be offered online only.

Customers who have used iAGCO in its first phase have been overwhelmingly satisfied with its ease of use and functionality. With this new introduction of processes, those who use the iAGCO portal for their AGCO business needs will experience faster processing times. Through this new, automated service, the iAGCO portal provides a quality service experience to our licensees and authorization holders by decreasing time consuming factors such as the need to mail-deliver documents and paper processing wait times.

New two- or four-year licence term options available

New licence term options are now available when applying for and renewing licences or authorizations. Licensees are now able to select a two or four year term duration, with fees payable to match the length of the term. For a description of the new fee structure, please visit the Alcohol Licensing Fees page.

Payment options

When using online services, all payments under $30,000 must be made by Visa, MasterCard or Interac Online. Payments of $30,000 or more must be made by money wire transfer or electronic funds transfer. Please note that cheques, cash and Visa Debit are not accepted as forms of payment when using iAGCO online services.

How to access online services

  • As of Monday, January 29, 2018, you will be able to visit the AGCO’s website at www.agco.ca to create an iAGCO account and begin accessing the new online services.
  • As a service to existing licence and authorization holders, certain key information that you have already provided to the AGCO has been pre-populated in iAGCO. Before your current licence or authorization expires, the AGCO will send you an online access code. Once you have created your iAGCO account, you will use the online access code provided to link your newly created account to your existing data on file.
  • After your first application has been approved through iAGCO, you will be able to reuse your individual and entity information for all future applications and renewals. You will only need to update that information when changes occur.
  • When working in the iAGCO portal, you will be able to save your work in draft form before you submit it and you will be able to modify it as needed throughout the application process. You will also be able to check the status of your files in real time.
  • As in the past, AGCO will continue sending you renewal notices before your licences expire. Once you have created an iAGCO account those notices will be sent to you by email.

Online Services for the Public, Including Inquiries and Complaints

The public will now be able to ask questions, file complaints or object to liquor licence applications through the iAGCO portal.

The traditional forms of communication currently available to the public include email, telephone, in-person and paper copy delivery via mail or courier. The iAGCO portal now adds a secure, online channel for the public’s interactions with the AGCO. In addition, members of the public will be able to use iAGCO to conduct refined searches for any existing alcohol-related licence or authorization, in addition to being able to search for issued Special Occasion Permits (SOP) in Ontario. An account is not required to conduct searches.

Members of the public are not required to create an iAGCO account for most transactions, including objecting to liquor licence applications. However, when submitting an inquiry, contact information will be requested so AGCO can send a response to the inquirer

Creation of an account is not required to make a complaint, and complaints can continue to be made anonymously if desired. However, creating an account will allow the complainant to track the status of the complaint and provide a secure channel to continue digitally interacting with the AGCO about it.

More online services to come

The AGCO launched its first set of online services in May 2017 for Special Occasion Permit applicants and for liquor manufacturers. Future phases will include online services for AGCO lottery, gaming and horse racing-related transactions.

The AGCO’s move towards online service delivery is part of our ongoing efforts to modernize services and provide a quality service experience to our customers.

If you have any questions, AGCO Customer Service is available to assist you.

Submit your questions via the iAGCO portal.

Telephone: 416-326-8700, toll free in Ontario: 1-800-522-2876

Email: customer.service@agco.ca

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