July 23, 2019

On July 12, 2019, a new schedule of monetary penalties for liquor came into effect.  The new schedule was established by the Board of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and approved by the Attorney General of Ontario.

The new schedule was developed to reflect and align with regulatory amendments made to regulations under the Liquor Licence Act.  Among these changes was the creation of a Tailgate Event Permit and other changes affecting Liquor Sales Licences, Manufacturer’s Limited Liquor Sales Licences (“By the Glass”), and Special Occasion Permit (SOP) holders.

Monetary penalties have been available to the AGCO as a compliance tool since 2009. They provide the AGCO with an additional tool to help licensees and permit holders achieve compliance, but do not replace the ability of the Registrar to suspend or revoke a licence or permit where the situation warrants. All funds collected through monetary penalties are required to be used for education and training purposes for licensees and permit holders, or for public awareness campaigns.

The penalty ranges are designed to address the specific risks posed by each infraction and by the different licensees and permit holders. It is important to note that the amounts listed in the schedules are maximums only and that penalties assessed may actually fall lower in the potential range, based on individual circumstances.

For additional information on monetary penalties, please see the Schedule of Monetary Penalties: Liquor Licence Act and its Regulations and Monetary Penalties FAQ: Alcohol and Gaming, or contact:

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