June 18, 2020

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is adding a rule to the Quarter Horse Appendix within the Thoroughbred Rules of Racing.

Effective immediately, horses that delay the opening of the starting gate due to their flipping halter may be considered starters, as determined by AGCO Racing Officials. As starters, such horses are deemed to have a share in purses, and issuing a refund of wagers placed on that horse is not required.

Flipping halters are used at the discretion of each horse’s trainer. When a flipping halter is used, the opening of the horse’s individual gate may be delayed if the horse attempts to flip as the gates are being opened. With this rule change, this delay will no longer result in the horse being considered a non-starter.

This change has been made in consultation with representatives from Ajax Downs racetrack and the Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario, Inc. and is in alignment with other North American Quarter Horse jurisdictions.

Trainers are responsible for declaring their decision to use a flipping halter at the time of entry and Associations will publish that information in the official program. 

New Rule:

QH 6.46 If a horse’s start is compromised due to the use of a flipping halter, it may still be considered a starter. Any person making an entry must declare the use of a flipping halter at the time of entry. The use of a flipping halter shall be noted in the official program.

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