January 27, 2023  


The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is committed to supporting the charitable gaming sector.  

To help ensure charities are aware of existing opportunities, we are providing clarity on existing charitable fundraising policies that are available to them. These policies let charities work together to run fundraising events and split the proceeds.  

Working with other charities to fundraise can be beneficial for many reasons, including: 

  • reaching more potential donors 
  • widening donor appeal with more charitable purposes 
  • the ability to offer larger prizes (as a result of larger lottery events) 
  • sharing the effort and resources required to run events 

How it works 

One charity is responsible for conducting and managing the event. The other charities can help in whatever way they can — for example, promoting the event or providing an event space. Proceeds from fundraising may be split between all charities. 

There are a few specific rules that need to be followed to collaboratively fundraise: 

  1. All participating charities must be eligible as described in the Lottery Licensing Policy Manual (see Chapter 2 – Eligibility and Use of Proceeds). 

  2. One charity must hold the lottery licence. This charity is responsible for conducting and managing the event.  
    Responsibilities include: 

  • getting a lottery licence for the event through the appropriate licensing authority 
  • taking responsibility for running the lottery event  
  • ensuring the lottery event follows regulations and the lottery licence’s Terms and Conditions 
  • controlling the designated lottery trust account  
  • managing the costs 
  • distributing proceeds 
  1. The objects and purposes of each charity must allow it to participate as appropriate.  
    For example, the charity conducting and managing the event must have objects and purposes that allow it to: 

  • conduct and manage a charitable lottery event  
  • raise, hold, and disburse funds  
  • donate lottery proceeds to other eligible charitable or religious organizations 
  • provide charitable programs that directly benefit Ontarians  
  • provide charitable services or activities within communities in Ontario 

Every other participating charity must, for example, have objects and purposes that allow it to assist with and receive funds from a lottery event. 

Additional Guidance: Agreements Between Charities 

The AGCO encourages charities to enter into written agreements when participating in collaborative fundraising.  

Written agreements can be useful for clarifying:

  • which charity is conducting and managing the event 
  • how the charitable event will be conducted and managed 
  • how lottery funds will be protected and disbursed 

Written agreements are not required. 

Relevant Resources 

Contact the AGCO for More Information 

Charitable gaming-related inquiries can be sent directly to the AGCO’s Eligibility Officers at lottery.licensing@agco.ca. The AGCO’s Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-522-2876, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 


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