Updated BOT Terms and Conditions

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) recently announced a new revenue model for new Break Open Ticket (BOT) types submitted to and approved by the AGCO in 2022 and beyond. This change modernized the way expenses are calculated by streamlining and simplifying the BOT administration process for charities. It also protects the charitable share of BOT fundraising revenue.

As indicated in this announcement, the Break Open Ticket Licence Terms and Conditions have now been updated to reflect the requirements for new tickets under the new revenue model. These changes include the introduction of two (2) new sections (sections 7 & 8) that outline requirements for new ticket types under the new revenue model. Some sections of the BOT License Terms and Conditions have also been renumbered as a result of these changes. These Terms and Conditions take effect as of February 14, 2023.

The changes to the Terms and Conditions for new tickets under the new revenue model align with AGCO’s standards-based approach. The objective of a standards-based approach is to shift focus from requiring licensees to comply with a specific set of prescriptive rules or processes, to focus on the broader regulatory outcomes that BOT licensees are expected to achieve. With this approach, licensees have greater flexibility in determining what works best for their specific business in terms of meeting the regulatory outcomes, while still being responsible for the overall conduct and management of the event. 

Updates to Temporary Measures Permitted for Charitable Gaming During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the AGCO put a number of temporary measures in place to provide flexibility to organizations licensed to conduct charitable lotteries in Ontario. These measures supported the sector when operations were required to make changes in response to public health measures.

The AGCO is providing updates on the status of these temporary measures via separate bulletins. This bulletin provides updates regarding the temporary measures for Break Open Tickets.

Effective February 14, 2023, the following policies will be made permanent: 

  • The AGCO will permit BOT’s to be sold without a licence number or charity name imprinted on the ticket.
  • The AGCO will remove the requirement for BOTs to be opened in the store at the time of purchase. Tickets must still be redeemed at the store in which they were purchased.

These changes demonstrate AGCO’s commitment to continuous support for Ontario charities by increasing flexibility and reducing burden. 

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Break Open Ticket Licence Terms and Conditions

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