Mar 31, 2019

The AGCO has published an interactive map that shows the location and the status of cannabis retail stores in Ontario. This map will be updated regularly as the AGCO authorizes and approves additional stores to open. The following ten stores have been approved to open as of April 1:

Store Name

The Niagara Herbalist St. Catharines
Ganjika House Brampton
The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Toronto
Superette  Ottawa
Central Cannabis London
SpiritLeaf Kingston
RELM Cannabis Co.  Burlington
Fire & Flower York Street Cannabis Ottawa
Brock Street Cannabis Kingston
Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store Ottawa

Although the AGCO has authorized these stores to open on April 1, the operators will determine their own opening day and operating hours as permitted in the Regulation.

View this infographic to see how the public and store customers will experience Ontario’s regulations related to authorized cannabis retail stores. (Also available in an accessible format).

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