The following is a list of Expression of Interest (EOI) Applications that were disqualified from the lottery:

Disqualified Applicants (.csv file)

The EOI Applications listed above were disqualified under one or more of the following EOI Lottery Rules:

  • Rule 8: The same iAGCO account holder had submitted multiple EOI Applications
  • Rule 4: EOI Applications were made by an Applicant(s) deemed ineligible, which include:
    1. Employees and board members of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
    2. Employees and board members of the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation
    3. KPMG LLP, its partners and employees
    4. Gaming Laboratories International LLC (GLI) employees, owners, and/or board members
    5. The holder or the Affiliate of the holder of a cultivation, processing or nursery licence issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act (federal) and the regulations.
  • Rule 6 and/or Rule 9: Multiple EOI Applications were made by the same legal entity.
  • Further, as set out in Rule 5, at any time during the Lottery Process, if the Registrar determines that an Expression of Interest Applicant has not followed the requirements in Ontario Regulation 468/18, or the Expression of Interest Lottery Rules, that Applicant will be disqualified from the Lottery Process.  Any pending application for a Retail Operator Licence will be considered abandoned.   If a Retail Operator Licence has been issued, the Registrar will revoke the licence.

For more information, please refer to the EOI Lottery Rules and the EOI Lottery - FAQs .

Should you have any further questions, you may submit them to the AGCO directly via the iAGCO online portal.

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