The AGCO retained the services of independent experts to ensure that it is conducting the Expression of Interest Lottery in a fair manner.

KPMG was retained to monitor the lottery and assess whether it is being conducted fairly and according to the established rules. Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) was retained to perform independent testing and certification of the software program used for the selection of Expressions of Interest.

KPMG Interim Report

(For the period January 2 to January 11 – From the publication of the Lottery Rules to the announcement of the selection of the Expressions of Interest)

Summary Statement

 “KPMG is satisfied that the Lottery Process was fair to all Applicants and potential Applicants throughout the first phase of the Lottery Process.”

Interim Report

Gaming Laboratories International Summary Report

Overall Evaluation of the Random Number Generator

GLI’s conclusion based upon the tests applied to the Expression of Interest Lottery Software Program RNG data is that this random number generator has exhibited random behavior and is suitable for the applications as described herein. If a drawing utilizes a different range or a different number of selections outside of the included general certification range, the RNG should be resubmitted to test that set of parameters.”

To request a copy of GLI’s report, please contact AGCO’s Customer Service.

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