The AGCO is committed to processing applications for retail store authorizations (RSA) as quickly as possible with the objective of making the legal supply of cannabis more broadly available across Ontario. In accordance with direction set by government, the AGCO is issuing 30 RSAs per week as stores become ready. Please note that the AGCO has received a high volume of applications to date and continues to receive hundreds of new applications monthly. RSA applications are processed in order of receipt. For information about the application process and other regulatory and legal aspects of operating a cannabis retail store, consult the Cannabis Retail Regulation Guide

This table and accompanying map show the status of Cannabis Retail Store applications in Ontario.

“In Progress” indicates that the AGCO has received an RSA application and the process is underway. The table and map are updated when the AGCO begins its review of an application (not when the application is submitted). 

“Public Notice” indicates that written submissions are being accepted for that location until the date listed. Written submissions can only be made during the 15-day public notice period, and only by a resident of the municipality in which the proposed store is located, or the municipality itself.

To make a written submission: Use iAGCO to search for all applications currently undergoing public notice, and click the “file objection/submission” button next to the application you wish to comment on. You can also subscribe to receive an email whenever a new application for a cannabis retail store enters the public notice phase.

“Authorized to Open” indicates that the store has met the regulatory requirements and has passed its pre-opening inspection from the AGCO. The store operator will determine the actual date of the store’s opening.

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Last updated 2021-10-21 6:19 pm

Municipality or First Nation Store Namesort descending Address Store Application Status
NEPEAN Cannaverse 1465 MERIVALE RD UNIT B5 Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/03/03
TORONTO Cannaverse 442 QUEEN ST W Public Notice Period: Ended 2020/12/10
ANCASTER Cannaverse 1183 WILSON STREET WEST UNIT 5 In Progress
NEPEAN Cannaverse 3090 CARLING AVE UNIT 5A Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/03/03
KITCHENER Cannaverse 1190 FISCHER HALLMAN RD S In Progress
THUNDER BAY Cannaverse 570 HARBOUR EXPY UNIT 4 Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/01/16
PORT PERRY Cannaverse 14500 SIMCOE STREET UNITS 6 & 7 Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/02/27
ST CATHARINES Cannaverse 150 HARTZEL RD In Progress
AJAX Cannaverse 314 HARWOOD AVE S UNIT 16 In Progress
TIMMINS Cannaverse 1500 RIVERSIDE DR In Progress
TORONTO CANNAVERSE 424 BLOOR ST W Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/02/01
TORONTO CannaVie 170 NORTH QUEEN ST UNIT C1 Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/04/29
TORONTO CANNOE 720 COLLEGE ST Public Notice Period: Ended 2020/07/07
TORONTO Cannoe 1238 YONGE ST Authorized to Open
COLLINGWOOD Cannoe 66 HURONTARIO ST Public Notice Period: Ended 2020/12/29
TORONTO Cannoe 1092 QUEEN ST W Public Notice Period: Ended 2020/07/30
TORONTO CANNOE 800 QUEEN ST E Authorized to Open
HAMILTON Cantopia Cannabis Co. 1064 BARTON ST E Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/07/01
NORTH BAY Cantopia Cannabis Co. 41-45 LAKESHORE DR UNIT 106 Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/10/19
BRAMPTON Cantopia Cannabis Co. 1785 QUEEN ST E UNIT H Authorized to Open
TORONTO Canvas Cannabis 730 DANFORTH AVE SUITE 1 Authorized to Open
YORK Canvas Cannabis 1285 WESTON RD Authorized to Open
TORONTO Canvas Cannabis 171 EAST LIBERTY ST SUITE 145 Authorized to Open
TORONTO CANVAS CANNABIS 94 HARBORD ST Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/06/03
TORONTO Canyon Cannabis 1644 BLOOR ST W Authorized to Open
TORONTO Canyon Cannabis 872 DUNDAS ST W Authorized to Open
TORONTO Canyon Cannabis 1864 QUEEN ST E Authorized to Open
OTTAWA Capital Cannabis 352 PRESTON ST In Progress
HALIBURTON Capturing Eden 192 HIGHLAND STREET Authorized to Open
OWEN SOUND Capturing Eden 973 2ND AVE W Authorized to Open
SIMCOE Capturing Eden 421 QUEENSWAY W UNIT 2 & 3 Authorized to Open
TILLSONBURG Capturing Eden 52 SIMCOE ST Authorized to Open
CAYUGA Capturing Eden 11B CAYUGA STREET N Authorized to Open
BURFORD Capturing Eden 129 KING STREET Authorized to Open
PORT BURWELL Capturing Eden 39 ROBINSON'S STREET Authorized to Open
TURKEY POINT Capturing Eden 230 CEDAR DRIVE UNIT B Authorized to Open
HAGERSVILLE Capturing Eden 18 MAIN ST N Authorized to Open
NIAGARA FALLS Capturing Eden 8209 LUNDY'S LANE UNIT B Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/07/07
DELHI Capturing Eden 553 JAMES ST Authorized to Open
MINDEN Capturing Eden 12818 HIGHWAY 35 Authorized to Open
CAMBRIDGE Caribbean Oxygen 124 MAIN ST Authorized to Open
LONDON CASA CANNA CANNABIS COMPANY 972 HAMILTON RD SUITE 14 Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/06/24
LONDON Casa Canna Cannabis Company 1777 DUNDAS ST UNIT A2 In Progress
LONDON Casa Canna Cannabis Company 458 SOUTHDALE RD E UNIT 3 Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/10/05
GLENCOE Cauldron Cannabis 219 MAIN ST Public Notice Period: Ended 2021/10/20
WATFORD Cauldron Cannabis 5294 NAUVOO ROAD UNIT 101 Authorized to Open
NEWCASTLE Central Plains Cannabis 34 BEAVER ST N Authorized to Open



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