There are rules you must follow when operating your store. 

You must: 

  • begin selling cannabis at your authorized store within one year of getting your Retail Store Authorization, and continue to sell cannabis
  • open only during permissible hours: between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. on any day
  • display the official cannabis retail seal. You must post the seal in a place where people can easily see it from outside the entrance to the store. The seal must be at least 17 centimetres wide and 20 centimetres long. You can chose to post the French version of the seal, or the English version, or both. 
  • remove the seal as soon as possible if your Retail Store Authorization is revoked or not renewed
  • post your Retail Store Authorization in the store in a place where people can easily see it
  • only sell cannabis that has been made by someone who is authorized under the Cannabis Act (Canada) to make cannabis for commercial purposes
  • keep records of specified information and activities
  • have measures in place to reduce the risk that your cannabis will be redirected to the illegal market or illegal activities
  • record all sales
  • make information about the responsible use of cannabis available to patrons
  • ensure that all licensed managers and other employees working in your store successfully complete the required Board approved training program prior to their first day of work at the store. 
  • request identification of anyone who looks under 25 years old and be satisfied the person is at least 19 years of age prior to allowing them to enter the store. 

You must not: 

  • sell cannabis or cannabis accessories to anyone who is under 19 years old
  • allow anyone who looks under 25 years old to enter the store, unless you first request identification and are satisfied the person is at least 19 years of age
  • sell cannabis to anyone who is intoxicated or looks intoxicated
  • sell more than 30 grams of dried cannabis (or equivalent amount of another kind) to a person in a single visit
  • hire anyone who is under 19 years of age. 

You cannot sell cannabis or cannabis accessories from a display that allows self-service, or from a vending machine. 

You must display your cannabis and accessories in a way that they cannot be seen by a young person, even from outside the store.

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