Horses placed on the Commission Veterinarian’s List are ineligible to race and/or cannot be entered to race until they are removed from the list, as specified in the AGCO Standardbred Rules of Racing Chapters 8 and 20, and Thoroughbred Rules of Racing Chapter 27.

Horse Name Horse Breed Date On Track On Date Off Vet Exam Work Long List Short List
AMBERS SHADOW Standardbred 2020-08-30 Leamington Raceway X
AMERICAN PARADISE Standardbred 2021-09-19 Rideau Carleton Raceway X
Abby Grace Thoroughbred 2018-12-14 Woodbine Racetrack X
Ah Hun Thoroughbred 2016-10-02 Fort Erie Racetrack X
Alexander the Gray Thoroughbred 2020-09-29 Fort Erie Racetrack X X
Allessio Thoroughbred 2018-05-05 Woodbine Racetrack X
Allied Strike Thoroughbred 2020-08-30 Woodbine Racetrack X
Allied Sugar Ray Thoroughbred 2017-09-16 Woodbine Racetrack X
Almost Dancer Thoroughbred 2020-07-27 Fort Erie Racetrack X X
Alphabetically Thoroughbred 2016-05-07 Woodbine Racetrack X
Alter Ego Thoroughbred 2020-08-17 Fort Erie Racetrack X X
Alyssa Thoroughbred 2020-06-14 Woodbine Racetrack X
Amalfi Chris Thoroughbred 2017-09-17 Woodbine Racetrack X
Ananova Thoroughbred 2018-12-15 Woodbine Racetrack X
Angel's Gate Thoroughbred 2016-12-03 Woodbine Racetrack X
Angelles Baby Tnt Quarter Horse 2018-05-27 Ajax Downs X
Apollo Benfica Thoroughbred 2019-09-17 Fort Erie Racetrack X
Arch Tigress Thoroughbred 2018-11-09 Woodbine Racetrack X
Ariel's Vision Thoroughbred 2017-06-25 Fort Erie Racetrack X
Armando Big Thoroughbred 2016-05-23 Woodbine Racetrack X



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